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B&H Clergy Shirts and Clergy Collars is a small company which specialises in the Clergy shirt and Clergy Collar segment of the Church Supplies market, based just outside Norwich, United Kingdom, it has the backing, resources and the experience from its parent company for clergy shirts sales, that was established back in 1888 which has been supplying clergy shirts for men and women ever since.

One of the finest Clerical shirts and Cloth Clerical Collars on the market

Our clerical/clergy shirts and cloth clerical collars are among the finest on the market, a lot of effort is put into bringing you the finest clerical shirt, from the choice of cloth, the buttons, the finish and so much more.

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A large selection of Clerical Shirts

Our clergy shirts are available as follows: Long sleeved Tonsure Clerical/clergy shirts, long sleeved Tunnel Clerical/clergy Shirts, Long-sleeved Tunic Clerical/clergy tunnel shirts, long sleeved classic or civil shirts. Also available: Short sleeved Tonsure Clerical/clergy shirts, Short-sleeved Tunnel Clerical/clergy Shirts, Short-sleeved Tunic Clerical/clergy tunnel shirts, Short-sleeved classic or civil shirts.

Different coloured clerical shirts

The clerical shirts are available in several standard colours i.e. Black Tonsure Clerical/clergy shirts, Black, Lt Grey. Dk. Grey, Bishop’s Bordeaux and three shades of blue Tunnel Clerical/clergy Shirts, Black, White Tunic Clerical/clergy tunnel shirts, black, white classic or civil shirts, not forgetting our dark blue denim clerical tunnel shirt, which we were the first to bring one to the market.

Customised Clerical Shirts

We able also to supply customised clerical shirts and collars, if you wish a virtually made to measure shirt, we can assist, French cuffs, with or without pockets, even white cuffs on a black shirt, no problem, just ask us!

Constantly improving the clerical shirts and clerical collars

To be able to constantly improve the comfort and design of our products, we listen to the feedback from local priests, vicars, to the leading bishops, so please if you have any suggestions or wishes please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

We offer a top product at a decent price!
* We do not claim that we have 1000s of shirts in stock, (doesn’t make sense these days!)
* All stock is fresh and not seconds.
* We do not believe in dumping prices.
* It just is not possible to make a decent shirt for “Under a Tenner”
* we believe in customer satisfaction
* we believe in service.
* we believe in “Trading Fair”!
* There is no such thing as a “Free Dinner”
* we are flexible!
* We deliver quality!

*Based in the UK.

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